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November 3, 2013
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Lex Ferenda: Jasmine by Fransumaru Lex Ferenda: Jasmine by Fransumaru
who can resist a harry potter group omg- 

edit// aasalkfdj since she got in,, please feel free to start an rp with her!!

ɤ   ›NAME:
ɤ   ›AGE:
15 (Fifth year)
ɤ   ›HOUSE:
Hufflepuff (The house of the loyal). 
December 14th
160 cm/ 105lbs (5’2” / 48kg)

 ɤ   ›PET:
    Male Blue Persian
    Grumpy | Gluttonous | Lazy | Protective | Loyal

    Silver is a grumpy old cat who does not like attention. He wanders around the Hufflepuff dorms frequently and hisses and anyone who tries to talk to him. His attitude towards his owner is much different though. Silver usually provides itself as a fluffy pillow for Jasmine and likes to sleep on her lap. He eats a lot for a cat and must be given the highest quality cat food. He's an important gift from her brother (see history). 


    Ash wood with Dragon heartstring; 10 inches

                   ɤ   ›SPELL LIST:

  • Hot-Air Charm - Nonverbal
    • Releases a jet of hot air from the end of the wand. Useful for drying clothes, melting snow, and other simple tasks.
  • Tripping Jinx - Nonverbal
    • Trips the target with a motion of the wand.
  • Unbreakable Charm - Nonverbal
    • Causes a mundane object to become unbreakable by physical means, though strong magic can still destroy it.
  • Dancing Jinx - Tarantallegra
    • Causes the victim to dance uncontrollably until dispelled, which can prove highly inconvenient for clumsy or unsuspecting individuals.
  • Anti-Hexing Charm - Salvio Hexia
    • A charm used to temporarily protect an area against jinxes and hexes. It is not infallible, but does dramatically reduce the power of minor to moderate offensive spells for a short time.
  • Incarcerous - Incarcerous
    • Binds a victim with magically conjured ropes.
  • Conjunctivitus Curse - Unknown
    • Causes great pain to the victim's eyes. A very useful spell in combating giants and kyklops.


    Extra-curricular: Quidditch 
    Electives: Care of Magical Creatures, Studies of Ancient Ruins

                   ɤ   ›PERSONALITY:

    Virtuous | Delightful | Impulsive | Eccentric | Unpredictable

    Jasmine is a cheerful and optimistic girl, no matter how bad a situation is, she'll be the one who'll remain calm and positive. She is somewhat clueless in daily situations- a totally klutz when you see her at first. She forgets where her things are and can space out in the weirdest situations. However, don't let her carefree image fool you- she is very passionate and seeks to try everything unattainable and untried. Jasmine doesn't look at the consequences and is very straightforward with both her actions and her speech. She does her best on her studies and is confident about everything she does. She has a hard time admitting her mistakes and her pride can be easily wounded if you doubt her. She's a faithful, innocent fool who trusts everyone and everyone will also tend to trust her. That's why she's not very fond of pranks because she's so gullible. She is easily influenced and can be easily overwhelmed by emotions that will push her unfailing dedications to everything she does further. Once she's set a goal, she'll never give up until she reaches it. With the loss of a family member, she is overprotective and loyal to those who are precious to her therefore she humbly puts her friends before herself. She cares a lot about everyone and everything and will try to be of assistance to those in need. She only despises unjustified jerks but other than that, she will try to befriend everyone. Jasmine aims for a harmonized world. She will have fights but will not hold grudges. She does not tolerate hatred and will often try break up conflict. 

    Jasmine looks at the bigger picture- her lack of consideration for small details make her disorganized. Her love for ancient ruins and history comes from her father and mother who liked taking her and her brother around the world until recent. Like any other girl her age, she seeks romance like the fairy tales she read as a child. However when confronted by the opposite gender, she becomes out of character, nervous and flustered. 

                   ɤ   ›LIKES

    +Sugar and baked sweets


    +Magical creatures



    +Ancient history and ruins


    +Silver's fluffy furrrr

                   ɤ   ›DISLIKES



    -Cowardly and dishonest people



                   ɤ   ›HISTORY:

    Childhood- Second year

    Jasmine is classified as a half-blood born to a half-blood witch mother and a half-blood wizard father, both working in the Ministry of Magic, Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical creatures. She had a older brother who took care of her as well as the many pets her parent's will bring home from work. Their house was like a pet shelter. Silver is special was a birthday present given to her on her eight birthday by her parents and brother. Sadly, her brother was a Squib, thus unable to use magic although being born to magical parents. Jasmine's brother had a great personality- funny, gentle, modest... he was Jasmine's role model. She felt responsibility at an young age to protect her brother with her magic. Her parents thought it would be appropriate for their only magical child to administrate into Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, therefore training her with all the basics of magic using since she was a child. As a result of that Jasmine loved magic- it was a bright light that shined through her childhood until a horrible incident happened. The siblings would play princess games as usual. It wasn't uncommon that Jasmine would request her brother to play her knight in shining armor like in the fairy tale books she enjoyed so much. They were playing on the outside on their lawn when Jasmine ran into the road without looking. A speeding car crashed into Jasmine's brother as he pushed her off the road. Jasmine suffered minor injuries and a permanent scar on her eye however her brother died in front of her eyes. Jasmine was only ten at the time. She was quite depressed at the time because she felt that, even though she had magic, she was unable to save her brother. Jasmine feels guilty for her brother's death, so she sets a goal to be generous, intelligent and kind like her brother and excel in magical abilities. Her parents also had a hard time dealing with their son's death, and for a while the family grew distant with each other. Jasmine was desperate by then to leave the house because of the exceptional lonliness. When she finally made it into Hogwarts and placed in the Hufflepuff family. She's enthusiastic to get along and make good impressions with everyone during her first year and second year.

   Third year- Current

   Sometime after she joined Hogwarts, growing up is taking its tow and she is starting to think her efforts for making justice may not be needed after all. Her schoolmates excuse her actions as childish. Her expressiveness is slowly starting to disappear. She's starting to think it's better not to budge into other people's businesses like she did before and instead she spends most of her time studying.

                   ɤ   ›FAMILY:

    `Father: David Del Rey (50)
    `Mother: Beth Bailey (49)
    `Older Brother: J. Del Rey (deceased) 4 years older than Jasmine

                   ɤ   ›RELATIONSHIPS: 

                   ɤ   ›OTHER INFORMATION:

    `Her tie is pulled only half-way through because she thinks it looks cute
    `Her favorite thing to bake are scones
    `no guys pls shes not related to lana by any way
    `Her favorite core classes are History of Magic and Defense against the dark arts
    `She did not study any arts nor musical instruments, but enjoys listening/ looking at them 

                   ɤ   ›VOICE: 
    Mandy Moore:
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